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Sophia Network for Eastern Europe

Welcome to the Sophia Network Eastern Europe! The project was initiated by students, professors and related friends of the Sophia University Institute with the aim to promote and spread the typical way of thinking and acting of Sophia, based on collaboration and dialogue. University students and young professionals are welcome to participate.

The main idea is to begin walking together, getting in touch and creating a network of friends of Sophia. We want to develop this initiative in harmony with the Pathways project of the Focolare Movement. We hope to find in each country of Eastern Europe interested participants.

Recently, Pope Francis has recommended to Sophia's teachers and students three things that can serve as guidelines for us too: wisdom, pact and going out. “To communicate and learn wisdom in order to permeate all the sciences”, then to make an alliance, pact or covenant “to open the paths of the future to a new civilization that embraces humanity and the cosmos in universal brotherhood”, and finally “going out with concentric and increasingly broader and inclusive circles”.

Solving the problems of the 21st century will require coordinated rational action and we need new models of collective rationality to meet these challenges. With the Sophia Network we want to realise different programmes of thinking, acting and sharing: online conferences, regional weekend meetings and summer schools.

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