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Thinking together - online workshops on human rights, legality, social justice and peace


We need new models of collective decision making and collective rationality.

Solving the problems of the 21st Century will require coordinated rational action on a massive scale. But we really have no proven models of collective rationality, no idea of the institutional, social, political and economic structures that will allow us to meet these challenges. 

For years, Sophia has been a pilot workshop for a new style of common thinking. Through the online workshops, we would like to join this process. We do not want only to deliver high-level lectures with leading experts, but we want to involve everyone who gets connected.

  • Before the workshop, you can ask the expert questions and suggest what to talk about.
  • During the workshop you can make comments, expresses a different opinion, share experiences
  • After the workshop, make comments, share your insights, make proposals.

Here the list of topics suggested by our experts


Pasquale Ferrara, From neighbourhood to proximity: a new political map for a planetary age

22 January, 2020

 Maddalena Maltese, Justice Is Not Enough: The power of grassroots initiatives in fighting crime

19 February, 2020

Amy Uelmen, Political Polarization in Society: Healing division in the university and the community

11 March, 2020

 Réka Szemerkényi, Relations among the Nations: Cooperation and Confrontation: The Case of Europe

15 April, 2020

 Pál Tóth, Permanent dialogue platforms in Europe

Reserve topic

 Two other topics are in preparation for May and June.


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