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Rethinking Thinking -1

pierocoda_01.jpgProfessor Piero Coda's lecture to future Sophia University lecturers in Eastern Europe

Krakow, February 23, 2020

Part 6/1.





Part 6/2 will be published if there  are three comments to 6/1.

The Challenge


Edgar Morin writes that “rethinking thinking” is what is urgently needed today. [1] Unprecedented urgent decisive challenges confront the human family and undermine our common home in the context

- of a globalization offered by economic and political paradigms that are structurally iniquitous or at least dangerously deficient especially from the anthropological point of view,

- of a technological revolution , particularly in terms of digital, biogenetic and robotic technology, which too often lacks a soul and ethical orientation,

- of an ecological crisis which is the harbinger foreshadowing irreparable catastrophes if there is not an immediate adequate conversion of lifestyle.

These challenges call for the rigorous, free, and creative exercise of a thinking in solidarity which can face them with effective responsibility and realistic impact.

But “rethinking thinking” is urgent at the root of these challenges, but even more so because “the king is naked,” in front of them.

The way which is humble and yet wide open at the same time to thinking in the light of the beauty of a truth and in the quest for the good of a happiness realistically shared by everyone in harmony with creation appears to be dramatically missing; the new generations in particular sincerely painfully desire  it precisely for this reason.

All too often this is for the sake of a rationality which is merely practical and calculating, offering to  bracket out and even entirely lose sight of the conscience’s inescapable personal commitment and the exciting universal vocation to unity in freedom as the encounter and reciprocal gift of diversity in  which our identities are enriched.


[1]  E. Morin, La tête bien faite. Repenser la réforme, réformer la pensée, Paris: Le Seuil, 2014.

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