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A step forward

from_webinar_to_webdialogue.jpgInternet platforms are booming in the time of the coronavirus. I also do my classes online at Sophia University and this is a new challenge for me, but it brings me new ideas too.

Webinar metodology

In this days I participated in some interesting webinars: Europe CallingEuropas Schande - Direct dem dem Lager Moria auf Lesbos” (The Shame of Europe - Direct from the Moria camp in Lesbos, in German). I'm still under the influence. Moderator + four experts: a German MEP, an international jurist, a journalist and Carola Racket captain of Sea-watch. Over 1000 participants. In this lineup, it was not the technique of counterpointing that prevailed, but the illumination of a factual situation in four different ways.

Yesterday was another interesting and challenging webinar on the corona virus crisis with Sophia professors Lugino Bruni and Pasquale Ferrara in the series The Lent of Economy.

Thinking together

When the Sophia Network for Eastern Europe was launched, our original intention was to initiate a reform of thinking and create a platform for joint thinking among young people. In the background is the idea of crossing national borders and a sense of Eastern European emancipation. The question is where we are now and what the next steps are.

In a nutshell: The first three times were successful. We managed to hire three good speakers. The comments were also good, prepared the first two times, the third time spontaneously. However, the model followed was the classic lecture + comments format. Our FB group has almost 100 people, of whom 2/3 are young and 1/3 belong to the elder generation. At the ZOOM event, approx. 20% attend, 10% return.

A step forwards

Perhaps now is the time to formulate an experimental methodology based on the above observations. The elements can be:

(1) Current, innovative content + well-prepared, preferably charismatic expert.

(2) The expert makes a previous written statement on the main themes of her/his presentation. That will enable for participants to prepare their contributions. In this way we could not only react, but truly reflect on the questions raised and establish a dialogue between our expert and some participants This is already happening on some occasions, but we could emphasize this type of dialogue much more.

(3) 5 days preparation. In the preparatory phase, we could ask 2-3-4 participants, who, based on the presenter's statement, would prepare reflexive comments. (I emphasize that it is not a matter of playing the expert on the subject, but of trying to make a pre-reflected contribution based on our own knowledge and perspective.) These may also be questions, we do not exclude the layman's question to the expert, but we prefer observations from different disciplines, different worlds of thought.

(4) Dialogue on ZOOM. The workshop could thus proceed as follows: introductory phase - 20 minutes lecture - 30 minutes lecturer + 'prepared' dialogue - 20 minutes second round, spontaneous comments of participants - final section. The point is, then, that we cultivate not only novel content based on the charism of unity, but also novel community thinking that derives from this charism.

(5) 5 days of sharing. This could be a space for sharing personal insights and commitments on our blog or FB group. I have no great idea how to stimulate this. We could, on the other hand, make a summary page of the essential findings of the evening.

In this way we could move forwards form a webinar to a webdialog.

What do you think?

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